So you’re in your twenties, now what?

As a 20 something  millennial, I am constantly  told I have so much ahead of me. My opportunities are endless. What I’ve learned in my years so far is that endless opportunities are scary.

Here are some of my tips on how to navigate the daunting world of being a 20 something:


  1. Be Selfish

Sometimes we struggle with balance. Work, school, friends and family can clutter our schedule. My advice take time for yourself. Be a little selfish.

If you have always wanted to travel, just do it. Stop waiting for the ‘perfect time’ because chances are it will never be perfect. Learning to be selfish with your time and wants will help you develop as a person. Change your mindset. Learn to make yourself a priority.



  1. Embrace the ‘lost’   

    image via Flickr

I hear people saying, “I feel lost”. So what if you don’t have an exact plan of where you will be in five years. If you feel lost that’s okay. You don’t need to have all the answers right now. Stop overthinking.

Being lost is not bad. Some of my best experiences were borne by feeling lost. That lost feeling pushes you to try new things. Get over your fear of rejection. If you don’t have it all figured out don’t stress about it.

Focus your energy on embracing different experiences. New adventures will teach you what you want or don’t want.


  1. Build your network
image by: Sylwia Bartyzel via Unsplash

Your best friend has invited you to go out with her co-workers. Your first instinct might be to pass. After all those aren’t your people and Netflix is calling your name. My advice is to go! Step out of your comfort zone.


In your 20s is the perfect time to build your network.  Not only can you make connections that might help you down the road, but every person has a story. Listen to their stories; they might spark an interest you never knew you had.


What are some of your tips for navigating life in your 20s?



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