The great Barbie debate: love her or hate her?


As a millennial, I grew up playing with Barbie. I loved her. I built her a dream house and village. I re-enacted her wedding to Ken countless times. Barbie would bring my neighbourhood friends together; we would spend hours playing.

Now Mattel has unveiled the newest versions of Barbie. The iconic doll is now available in tall, curvy or petite.



Check out this video of kids reviewing the new Barbie bodies for a few laughs:

Barbie’s new body options are incredible and reflective of our changing society. Mattel is accepting the fact that there is no one ideal type of woman. Changing Barbie’s body promotes self-love and shows girls that they can love themselves for the body they have.


But Barbie meant more to me than her figure; she was an outlet to my imagination. Reflecting on my love of the doll got me thinking about the lessons she has taught me:


  1. Barbie taught me to chase my dreams. Barbie is iconic for her countless career changes and showing girls that there are many careers available. My favourite version of the doll was Veterinarian Barbie which allowed me to imagine the possibilities of a career in animal sciences.

  1. Barbie taught me I don’t need Ken. I had about 50 Barbie dolls growing up and only one Ken. While Ken is Barbie’s partner, I never saw him as essential to her happiness. Ken was an added bonus to Barbie’s life, but without him, she could still be a Veterinarian, a Doctor, a Teacher, an Astronaut or a Model.
barbie and ken
  1. Barbie taught me to be creative. Barbie’s world was what you made of it. She taught me to be creative and use my imagination.


Barbie has received lots of opposition over the years for her body. Critics love to hate on the doll and claim that her figure gave girls unrealistic body expectations. I have always supported Barbie and seen her as a figure of empowerment. I’m happy they are updating Barbie to include different body types, but I still stand by the original doll as being a positive role model rather than a negative. Whether Barbie is tall, curvy or petite she will always hold a place in my heart.

What are your thought on Barbie?





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